How It Works

Our account works like this

  1. Money is paid into your account - goes to billing Jam Jar
  2. Pay bills, authorise and amend direct debits, set up standing orders from this Jam Jar
  3. Move money from this to the 'spends' Jam Jar which is the card - This can be automated.

Our opinion is that no one should be pre-judged when it comes to business finance.

We certainly won't turn you away due to any aspect of you or your business financial history, unless your business is entering into an 'Insolvency Event'. We understand that managing a business is challenging and that's where we can help.


cardonemoney provides a hassle free Jam Jar business current account. We can help to ensure all your regular bills are taken care of. Our online bill payment service allows you to pay bills instantly using Faster Payments.

Pay in at a Bank

We've teamed up with a leading high street bank to allow you to pay in cash and cheques at any of their branches. All you have to do is take your cash and cheques to your nearest Barclays branch and pay in using your pre-printed GIRO. Rest assured your money is held securely*** at Barclays Bank. Any money loaded on to the cardonemoney Corporate MasterCard® card will be held by Fair Payments Limited.

Pay in at a Post Office

You can also pay in cash only at the Post Office, using only the GIRO slips provided by us. Please contact Customer Services if you need to order a book of GIRO slips.

Our current account is specifically designed for online access and bill payment activity. Cash and cheques paid in at Barclays branches take 8 working days to clear. If you tell us that you've paid with cash, we can usually clear it within 3 days. Unfortunately if your business generates a lot of cash and cheques this account is probably not for you.

Account Manager

You can talk directly to your experienced account manager, they are available to give you sound advice on your current account. They'll help take the stress out of managing those monthly bills. Simply tell your advisor what needs to be paid and they'll do the rest. They'll set up all the necessary standing orders and regular payments from your account and help you manage your direct debits to ensure you'll never incur any fees.

Managing Your Spending

After all of your bills are taken care of, the remaining balance can be moved to your cardonemoney Corporate MasterCard®. This process can be automated once the account is set up. You will be able to manage these rules yourself to match your requirements. We will help you with this when you call to activate the account. The cardonemoney MasterCard® works in a similar way to a Pay As You Go mobile phone top-up card, but has some of the convenience of a debit card. You can only spend what is loaded on to the card. Your business revenue can be paid into your Billing Account. Your Account Manager will set aside the money needed in this account for your regular bills and payments. You can choose to transfer any remaining balance onto your cardonemoney Corporate MasterCard® which you can use to shop or withdraw money.